Teaching Statements…The Take Aways

by Mallory B Taylor

First and foremost lets take a minute to reflect on the purpose of a teaching statement and what such a statement should provide to its reader.According to Concordia University in Portland, Oregon the  reason we have teaching statements goes beyond the idea of meeting application requirements. This exert taken from there website states why Concordia University values teaching statements, “There is a core belief behind every educator. We all have known teachers who are simply amazing. They inspire, they impart knowledge and they add value to their students’ lives. These individuals understand the sacrifice and dedication one must make in order to be successful in the lives they touch. Teaching is rewarding, it is exciting and it is ever changing. But it isn’t a perfect career. And there are days all teachers grow weary and tired. Many educators feel undervalued and overworked. The job of a teacher is never done. That’s why it is important that an educator have a “Teaching Philosophy Statement” that will help them stay focused on the good, great, hard and challenging days. This important statement is a reflection of the writer” (http://education.cu-portland.edu/blog/masters-resources/what-is-a-teaching-philosophy-statement-and-why-do-i-need-it/). The most important take away from a teaching statement should be your passion as an educator, whether that be research at an R1 institution or teaching at a liberal arts college, your passion should be pronounced within your teaching statement. 

Other teaching statement sources to peruse: